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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are diseases passed on through intimate sexual contact. They can be passed on during vaginal, anal and oral sex, as well as through genital contact with an infected partner. Common STIs in the UK include chlamydia, genital warts and gonorrhoea.

Over recent years, there has been a rise in the number of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) in the UK. The most common STI is Chlamydia, followed by genital warts.

We offer a confidential, non-judgmental STI screening service at the surgery. A morning appointment with a doctor or a nurse will allow samples to be taken if needed. Please ask at reception for more details, or ask a doctor or a nurse directly (you could also consider a telephone appointment to discuss concerns with a doctor if you would prefer).

Find out more about sexual health at (Cheshire’s new Sexual Health service).

Here is a link to local centres that provide sexual health screening and contraception:  (Some run an appointment system, some are drop-in centres).