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Doctors Appointments

Our doctors provide various types of appointments that are allocated based on medical priority and patient’s preference. Appointment length is 10 minutes – please let the receptionist know if you feel you will likely need longer than this.

Urgent Morning Appointments

Urgent appointments are protected for urgent cases, where people are unwell and need to see a doctor on the same day. Upon requesting an urgent appointment, our receptionists will ask for some extra information about the nature of the problem. They will then organise for a GP to phone you back, to discuss the problem further, and book an appointment as appropriate.

Routine book-ahead appointments are bookable some weeks in advance. It is best to book ahead as early as possible, as these appointment tend to book up quickly. Some morning appointments are available, but most book-ahead appointments are in the afternoon / early evening.

Other options: We are aware that our book-ahead appointments are often too booked up to gain an appointment in a timely manner, so there are other ways of approaching our doctors for help and advice. These include:

Telephone Appointments – where you can discuss matters with a doctor on the phone, e.g. regarding tests results, or queries regarding medication.

Enhanced Access Service offers appointments outside of normal surgery hours, i.e. evenings and weekends. Kelsall Medical Centre now has a number of GP, Nurse and HCA appointments available on Tuesday evenings between 6.30pm and 8pm. You can book your appointment by calling the practice on 01829 751252.

Nurses Appointments

Our nurses offer various different services, including immunisations, health checks for people with long term conditions such as diabetes, help with wound care / stitch removal, and cervical smears. The type of appointments depend on what you need. Our reception staff will help you book the correct type of appointment for what you need.

Blood Tests

It is possible to book in for blood tests here at the surgery. We offer morning appointments with our Health Care Assistants Monday to Friday mornings.

Another option is to attend the phlebotomy clinic in Outpatients 3 at the Countess of Chester Hospital – you can either simply turn up between 7.30am – 5.50pm, with a blood form from the doctors surgery, or you can book ahead here:

Home Visits

If you are too ill to attend our surgery and require a home visit, please try to request one as early as possible. The receptionist will ask for some details about the requested call. Please remember that a Doctor can typically see up to 6 patients in the time it takes to make one house call. Patients can be examined more thoroughly in the surgery so please keep house calls for urgent matters only.

It may often be a good idea to discuss the options of how to get an appointment with a doctor or nurse with the receptionists. They can offer invaluable expertise as to how our system works, and which options might be the most appropriate or helpful.