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An appointment with a doctor….?

If you are concerned about your mental health, we hope that you can find some information on here that might help you. If you would like to talk, please make an appointment to see a GP. We are always keen to try to help people who are struggling with mental health problems. Whilst they are common, the exact nature of people’s problems are all different, and we understand how difficult it can sometimes be even to make an appointment in the first place.

Here is a link to some advice from the charity ‘Mind’, on taking the first steps towards seeking help:

An appointment with a counsellor / therapist…?

If you feel that talking through a problem in depth with a counsellor might be helpful, or perhaps seeing a therapist, then we can refer you into the NHS system for this.

We can also refer you, or you can refer yourself to NHS Talking Therapies
If you would prefer to book something privately, then you can look into local options on the website ‘You In Mind’.

Get You Back is a local Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy service run by Victoria Noir in Kelsall.

Online resources

Here is a link to the NHS webpages for mental health support:

It contains useful information, advice, and further links on issues such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, and low self-esteem, amongst other things. There are external links to sites that provide self-help and advice – and also to some sites that offer online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a form of therapy that aims to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behaviour. Mind are a significantly large charity for people struggling with mental health problems:

If you want to talk, then try the Samaritans, an anonymous telephone counselling / listening service: 01244 377999 or

If you prefer to write down how you’re feeling, or if you’re worried about being overheard on the phone, you can email Samaritans at – Support for under 25’s, includes info on eating disorders, anxiety, and self harm