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Long-Term Condition / Medication Health Checks

If you have a long-term health condition, or are on certain medications, then it is important to have regular health checks with your doctor and nurse. We normally advise a check-up in the month of your birthday with a nurse, and a check-up 6 months later with a doctor to review your medications.

  • Asthma: All patients should be seen at least yearly – make an appointment with the nurse and bring along your inhalers.
  • Hypertension (high Blood Pressure): ┬áMake an appointment with the nurse or health care assistant for 6 monthly Blood pressure checks.
  • Heart disease: Please make an appointment at least once a year with the nurse.
  • Diabetes: We like to see our Diabetic patients at least twice a year to help them manage their condition. Please make an appointment with the nurse.
  • Epilepsy: All patients should be seen at least yearly, but the doctor may ask you to come in more often to review your medication.
  • Contraception / HRT: For people on the oral contraceptive pill or HRT: Please organise a check-up at least 6 monthly with a nurse

General Health Check

If you do not have a pre-existing medical problem, but would like a general health check, then if you book in with a nurse (please bring a urine sample) they will be able to assess you for overall circulatory and vascular health. This will involve a blood pressure check, height and weight checks, and a discussion regarding various risk factors for problems such as heart disease and stroke. This will then allow you to make any modifications to your lifestyle if needed, or indeed may highlight a problem that needs medical treatment. This health screening is a good way to try to discover potential problems at a stage before they become obvious, and start to cause significant health issues.