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From the 1st September, everybody will be issued with a months worth of medication for their repeat prescriptions. 

Most people already get 1 months worth of medication prescribed, and this is the routine and indeed recommended amount to issue at a time. However at the moment some people, for various reasons, are routinely issued with more than 1 months worth of medication at a time. We are now reviewing all our prescriptions, and are altering our procedures so that the same policy will apply to everyone.

This policy does not apply to the oral contraceptive pill or certain types of HRT, both of which are generally prescribed in 3 or 6 month blocks.

Please note Pre- paid prescriptions are £111.60 for 12 months, and this may be beneficial to help with the cost of repeat prescriptions. You can ask for a Pre- Payment form at Reception or go online ppc where you can register via this website, either online or by phone.

To help with ordering repeat prescriptions every month, you may wish to order your repeat prescription online, so that you do not need to make a special trip to the surgery every month for this purpose. Either ask at Reception for a registration form, or visit the Kelsall Medical Centre website – Patient Info. – Medication – Repeat Prescription – then click on link.

More information on 1 month prescribing