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Named Accountable GP

From 1st April 2015 we are required under our NHS contract to allocate a named accountable GP to all patients, who will be responsible for your overall care. All registered patients at this practice have now been allocated a Named Accountable GP. New patients joining the surgery will be advised of their Accountable Named GP at the point of registration.

In order to facilitate this we have allocated the GP’s to patients on a surname basis as follows:

  • Patients with a surname beginning with A-H: Dr Baker
  • Patients with a surname beginning with I-P: Dr Daniels
  • Patients with a surname beginning with Q-Z: Dr Donovan

If you are registered aged over 75 and registered before 1 April 2015 you will have already been allocated a Named Accountable GP – this named GP will remain the same and will not change under the surname arrangement.

Please be aware that you may still see any GP of your choice at the surgery and do not have to see your Named Accountable GP, nor does this mean that you will only be offered appointments with your named GP.

Where a patient expresses a preference as to which GP they have been assigned, the practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate this request.

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