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If you require medication urgently ring the surgery and we will endeavour to deal with your request. Generally we ask that you give us 48 hours to process a repeat prescription request.

Every patient who is on medication will have a medication review. The date is on your repeat medication slip. If you regularly see the Doctor it may well be done during a normal consultation. Check to see if you need an appointment at reception.

Antibiotic Prescribing

In line with current guidelines the practice will not issue antibiotics unless there has been a consultation with the doctor whether that is face to face or on the telephone. Antibiotics in most cases have little impact on the illness and all the doctors will avoid prescribing them unless it is felt clinically appropriate.

Going Away? – Reserve Antibiotics

Do you want medication just in case you have an infection?

We can do this for you on a private prescription. This service is not available on the NHS. The charge will be the cost of the drug plus the dispensing costs.

Private Prescriptions

If you have been seen by a consultant on a private basis you may be given a private prescription.

We may be unable to transfer a private prescription onto an NHS prescription.

This private prescription can however be taken to any chemist but you will be charged for the drugs and the prescription.


From 1st September we will be issuing 1 months worth of medications for all repeat prescriptions.

Click on this link for information about our policy regarding 1 month prescribing of repeat prescriptions.